Bert Kaempfert presents Love

Sleeve Notes:

Listening to music is a matter of time, place and, of course, — mood. Here we have music which is especially played for all lovers and for those who are falling in love, as the title says.
But not only lovers have tender moods, and so we think, that this is also music for listening if you are alone and want to relax awhile, or, if there is a party, people will enjoy some smooth and sweet background music.

This music, however, is also dedicated to connoisseurs of good light music. These performances — outstandingly presented by Bert Kaempfert and recorded under his direction, arranged and conducted by Herbert Rehbein — reach a high standard of quality, “light-musically” speaking. The idea of placing a solo saxophone in contrast to a background of strings was made popular by the great Charlie Parker. Since that time there is a tradition of arranging in this style which has mainly appeared in American light music. The present recordings appreciate the best of tradition in that field, and it is Bert Kaempfert’s merit to give it the following in Europe, which it so worthily deserves.

Listen to Emil Wurster’s tenor playing and note, how his figures blend with the sound of strings, although his tone and phrasing show a deep feeling for jazz. Now move into the mood of romance and listen to 12 beautiful and sweet melodies, which will enchant you time and time again.

Label: Polydor 237 644
1964 1960s Covers

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