Alex Stordahl and His Orchestra – Magic Islands Revisited

Sleeve Notes:

New York born And Stordahl is one of the most distinguished musical personalities in motion pictures, television and radio.

Primarily self-taught, Mr. Stordahl went from Staten Island’s Port Richmond High School to a famous resort, where he joined Bert Block’s band. He remained with Block for three years.

Today, with close associations with some of America’s greatest musical names, Mr. Stordahl is one of the most accomplished and sought-after conductors in practically every medium of entertainment.

About The Music
This album is a musical visit (return visit, actually) to the Magic Islands.

We have tried, through spontaneously authentic and sensitive arrangements, the superb orchestral artistry of Axel Stordahl, and one of the most successful exploitations of High Fidelity to date, to bring the Magic Islands to you in all their lavish splendour.

Here is music that represents the enchantment of today’s Hawaii, while at the same time reflecting on a history rich in tribal tradition, the unprecedented courage of ancient warriors, and the Hawaiian’s natural instinct for harmony and rhythm.

In order that your musical “stay” in the Magic Islands is uninterrupted, and the delightful mood free of distractions, the talents of the Gene Rains Group – bright young natives of Oahu – beautifully bridge Mr. Stordahl’s beautiful interpretations.

We like to think we have, in so doing, created something more than an outstanding musical performance. We think you might find in “The Magic Islands Revisited” an almost tangible experience.

Alex Stordahl and His Orchestra - Magic Islands Revisited

Label: Ace of Hearts AH 134

1967 1960s Covers

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