The Top of the Poppers Sing and Play Gilbert O’Sullivan’s Greatest Hits

The Top of the Poppers Sing and Play Gilbert O'Sullivan Greatest Hits
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Sleeve notes from Soaraway Party Pops – 24 Non-Stop Party Hits:

In the race to get to the top in show business consistency counts for much, for without it the overnight success can fade away into nothing.


But the measure of consistency that Gilbert O’Sullivan has shown clearly proclaims his real talent as a writer and gives an indication of even greater things to come. Although he has since become a superstar on television and on the concert stage, Gilbert’s basic talent is as a writer of clever and catchy songs. Many of them have incredible construction both in the lyrics and melody but it’s never enough for a writer to make a personal success with his own songs; others must take them up, give them varying treatments and by doing so prove the writer’s talent all over again. The songs of Gilbert O’Sullivan are providing other artists with material and its a safe bet that many of the songs on this album, by the Top of the Poppers will be finding their way onto LP’s for many years to come. “Clair”, “Nothing rhymed”, “We will” and “Get down” have been big hit records for Gilbert and because they’re such good songs they can bear listening to time and time again. This collection, filled with some of his greatest hits, shows what a great writer the man is and why his songs, like his talent, will go on maturing and giving pleasure to people everywhere for many years to come.


The Top of the Poppers Sing and Play Gilbert O'Sullivan Greatest Hits

Label: Hallmark SHM 809
Year: 1973

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