Paul Weston – Music for Dreaming

Paul Weston - Music for Dreaming - front cover
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Mood Music. This album introduced this brand-new concept, it says so in the back cover notes. But what is Mood Music? Is it Easy Listening? Lounge Music? Light Music? Or all of these and more? So many questions, so few answers. We can take this album’s title as our definition ‘du hour’, especially as the cover conveys quite successfully a dreamy atmosphere all of its own.

Sleeve notes from Paul Weston – Music for Dreaming:

Paul Weston’s first Capitol album was also entitled “Music for Dreaming.” Recorded a long time ago, the original album not only became an immediate best-seller, but it also introduced the brand-new concept of “Mood Music.”


Here, Paul Weston presents new recordings of his famous arrangements from that first album—in the handsome stereophonic sound of today.
Paul Weston began his career as an orchestral arranger, and worked with both Tommy Dorsey and Bob Crosby. Later, becoming active in radio and motion pictures, he backgrounded such singing stars as Jo Stafford (now his wife), Margaret Whiting, and Johnny Mercer. More recently, he has been musical director of many nation wide TV shows. And today, as in the past, his mood music albums for Capitol are among the most successful of his many achievements.

Paul Weston has recorded many mood albums since his first “Music for Dreaming.” But each of them is best described in the words used to introduce hat memorable recording: With Weston, “the melody is the thing,” and, as an arranger, he feels that his task is to present this melody as simply and as tastefully as possible.

He declines to perform sentimental romantic tunes via complex scores and arrangements in which the original melodic line is twisted and unrecognizable.

Some music is played today and forgotten tomorrow. But not the selections in this album. Weston has chosen songs of outstanding quality, songs that already have found their way into the hearts of people everywhere.

“These” he says, “are the ones worth re-creating, worth arranging in terms of simple beauty, worth performing with the finest musicians available.”

And now, thanks to the most modern recording techniques, the complete beauty of Weston’s music is displayed with a brilliance not possible the first time round. Here is Paul Weston’s “Music for Dreaming” …and better than ever!

Paul Weston - Music for Dreaming - back cover
Label: Capitol ST 1154
Year: 1959

Cover photo by Alex De Paola

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