Lakmé Delibes Highlights

Lakmé Delibes Highlights
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Sleeve notes from Lakmé Delibes Highlights:

Lakmé is gone, Frederic comes to beg his friend to rejoin his regiment; the natives are rebelling and Gerald will be treated as a deserter. When she returns Lakmé senses a change in her lover’s heart. In desperation, understanding the wide gulf that separates her for ever from the handsome foreigner, she surreptitiously swallows a leaf from the deadly Datura stramonium. Gerald renounces his promise to Frederic and swears eternal loyalty to the girl, whom he will make his wife. Together they drink water from a magic spring which will unite them for ever. But Nilakantha arrives with his armed followers, and finds Lakmé dying; if there is to be a victim, it shall be herself, she cries as she falls.

Based on copyright notes by Jacques Slyper

Lakmé Delibes Highlights

Label: EMI Records
Year: 1984

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