FAQ for Coverheaven

Why do you stop at the 1980s?

By the time the nineties came round the aesthetic styles of previous decades had undergone a transformation and with changing societal mores came a new aesthetic that doesn’t fit into the Coverheaven style. That’s not to say the nineties and onwards didn’t produce great covers but they are better suited to a different site. If you like these later covers why not start a site yourself!

Are the covers for sale?

All the covers on this site are privately owned and not for sale. However many of them come up for sale frequently on auctions sites such as eBay so it’s worth checking there if you want to start your own collection.

Can I send you a cover of my own?

Of course! If you think you have a cover that would fit into the Coverheaven style we would love to see it. In the first instance send a picture of it (taken with your phone will be fine) to covers@coverheaven.co.uk. If you prefer you can use our contact form to upload your picture here. If we like it we’ll ask for a high quality version which we can use on the site. We’ll give you exact details at the time but you should be aware that covers need to be at least 1500px wide and high and with no distortion or blurring, and saved as high quality jpegs. You may need a high quality camera and tripod to achieve this. If your cover has a few scratches or creases here or there we may still be able to use it – our digital tidying up skills are pretty good.
If your cover doesn’t fit our style we’ll feature it in our site anyway so either way you’ll get to see it in all its glory!

Why are there no famous covers on your site

Famous covers are featured on many other sites so it would be pointless to feature them here. Moreover, the point of this site is to celebrate the unknown, the forgotten and the underappreciated covers of yesteryear. These covers are mostly forgotten, rarely celebrated and usually by artists outside of the mainstream. We like it that way. Of course there some famous covers that might justifiably be included in our selections. Examples include Whipped Cream & Other Delights which would be conspicuous by its absence were we to leave it out.

Why do you show the back covers - there's nothing on them to see?

This is for the completist among you. There are some people who like to know what the other side of a record cover looks like including us so that’s why we show them. They also give a more rounded view of the period in their use of typography and design that some may find fascinating.

I want to use one of the covers on your site. What's the position of copyright

We have produced detailed copyright information here. In almost all cases you are not permitted to use any of the images on this site for any purpose other than research or review. You may of course post any page from this site onto your Facebook/Instagram/Twitter feeds.

I have a website/blog/Facebook,Twitter page, can I mention you on it?

We would be honoured! If you need a ready-made snippet to paste into your site then you could use this:
<a href=”https://www.coverheaven.co.uk”>Coverheaven – Home of Beautiful Record Covers</a>

Or just mention us, we’d be very pleased.

You can also share any cover you like through your social media pages using the share buttons that appear next to the covers.