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Dreamy covers
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Through the whole history of album cover art there have been many recurring themes. One of these is the “dreamy” look or feel. Creating such a look has clearly been thought to make a record cover and therefore the record inside more desirable and so lead to increased sales. It’s impossible to establish if this is, or was, the case as records have rarely if ever been issued in two different cover designs simultaneously. However what’s interesting is to see the varying types of dreamy covers.
In the three example shown below, two covers feature women with their eyes closed – a quite blunt dreamlike strategy. The other cover used a kind of fog/mist effect to convey a dream-like state where the woman appears to be in a field surrounded by classical instruments, posed as carefully as she is. Her hand is held to the side of head, holding back her hair from the dreamy waves of a gusty atmosphere, as she gazes into the middle distance.

These three examples are featured in our archives and you can view them in more detail here:

Beautiful Dreamer
Sounds Great
Music For Dreaming

Other record covers that feature a dream-like scene include the following:

Sounds Orchestral - Dreams
Sounds Orchestral – Dreams
Ray Conniff - Say It With Music (A Touch of Latin) - front cover
Ray Conniff – Say It With Music (A Touch of Latin)
Sounds Orchestral - Cast Your Fate To The Wind - front cover
Sounds Orchestral – Cast Your Fate To The Wind
Scheherezade - Minneapolis Symphony Orchestra - front cover
Scheherezade – Minneapolis Symphony Orchestra


There are many more than could be fitted into this theme. Have a look around and see what you can find.


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